General rules of conduct

Rules of conduct for all our guests

In order to have a pleasant stay at Recreatiepark "De Lucht", rules are required. The rules of conduct follow below. These are a supplement to the Recron conditions for permanent pitches, seasonal pitches, tourist pitches and holiday homes 2016.

You can pick these up at reception, or read them on the website

Additional conditions can be found on our website

All rules of conduct issued by us prior to this will cease to apply on 1 October 2021.

Calamities and disruptions

  • In the event of a power failure, please contact the reception desk on 0342 412877.
  • In case of calamities, please call 112 immediately and then call the reception (0342 412877).
    The address to pass on to the emergency services is: Barneveldsestraat 49 - 3927 CB RENSWOUDE
  • There are fire extinguishers in the toilet blocks, which you can use immediately in case of fire.
  • If necessary, go with those present to the assembly point by the air cushion or to the shed. Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. Try to prevent the fire from spreading. Follow the instructions of the person in charge at Recreatiepark De Lucht.


  • It is not permitted to park your car on the campsite. On the day of arrival and departure, you may drive your car onto the field to park or remove your caravan. During your stay, park your car on the car park near the campsite or on the car park at the entrance to the park.
  • Please behave in such a way that you do not cause any inconvenience to others. Allow yourself and your fellow guests to enjoy your stay at our campsite. As a potential landlord, you are always responsible for the behaviour of your tenants.
  • Children/young people under 18 years of age are not allowed to stay at the campsite without parental supervision.
  • Parents are responsible for their children's behaviour and must ensure that the toilet blocks are not used as a playground.
  • Please use the sanitary facilities for their intended purpose and leave them clean and tidy so that the next guest can use them again.
  • The use and possession of drugs and/or substances to consume them are prohibited.
  • The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is only permitted in and around your own camping equipment.
  • Group and army tents are not allowed on the regular pitches.
  • In order to protect you and your camping equipment, flying kites on the campsite is not permitted.
  • Offensive behaviour in any form will lead to immediate expulsion.
    Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet

  • At De Lucht, peace and quiet are of paramount importance. That is why we have a nightly rest period from 23:00 to 07:00. The intention is that it should be really quiet on the grounds during this period. However, we also show consideration for each other outside of the night rest period so that everyone can enjoy the peace and quiet. A party or birthday with background music is of course no problem, as long as the music is not audible beyond a maximum of 50 metres around your pitch and is turned off at 23:00, when the night's rest starts. Your party or birthday may continue until 01:00, provided that no noise is made. This will of course be monitored.
  • It is not permitted to loiter around the park during the night.
  • Recreatiepark De Lucht holds parents of children and young people present responsible for ensuring this.
  • Scooters, mopeds and motor-assisted bicycles are not permitted to be driven on the park while the engine is running without the permission of Recreatiepark De Lucht.
  • If you experience noise nuisance from surrounding guests, please try to solve the problem with those responsible first. If this is not possible, please contact the staff member on duty at any time on +31 (0)342-412877 (in case of an answering machine, press 1).


  • What to do in case of fire: if it is not possible to extinguish the fire yourself, first of all call 112 and report the fire.
  • The address to pass on to the emergency services is: Recreatiepark De Lucht, Barneveldsestraat 49, 3927 CB Renswoude.
  • Road traffic regulations apply on the campsite. The maximum speed is 5 km per hour.
  • Making an open fire or using a fire basket is not permitted.
  • In case of physical violence, destruction or unauthorised behaviour by you or your guests, the park management reserves the right to dissolve the agreement with immediate effect.
  • We have camera surveillance on our grounds (at the barriers, reception, catering, car park, swimming pool and the waste disposal area) for your and our safety.
  • Hoover boards / electric steps are not allowed on our park.

Waste disposal

  • At the exit of our park you will find underground containers for household waste in plastic bags, paper and glass.
  • VGF waste can be deposited on the tipping cart.
  • Since waste is often dumped that does not belong in our containers, we will enforce this more strictly. Camera images will be used for this purpose.


  • Your pet is welcome in our park, but must not disturb the other guests.
  • A maximum of 2 dogs per pitch/camping/chalet is allowed.
  • We have set up special areas for your pet to be let out. We strongly recommend that you do not allow your pet to do its business in other areas of the park. In the unlikely event that it does happen, we assume that you will clean it up properly. Attaching a plastic bag to the leash can be useful.
  • Pets, both dogs and cats, must be kept on a leash at all times, with the exception of your marked pitch.

Parcels and post

  • Recreatiepark De Lucht is not responsible for parcels ordered by you or post received by you, even if they are addressed to our name and/or address.
  • For deliveries that cannot be put in the post room, please inform reception beforehand.


Drivers of motor vehicles: You are thinking of pedestrians, cyclists and playing children, aren't you? Please avoid unnecessary driving on the park and drive only at walking pace (5 km per hour). Here is a short explanation of how to use the barrier:

  • The barrier can be opened by means of a card or pin code.
  • You may enter twice and leave three times per day, after which your card will be automatically blocked.
  • If by chance the barrier is up when you arrive or leave, you can still swipe your card in the reader. This prevents you from being unable to enter or exit later.
  • We do not open the barrier for visitors or if someone has forgotten his card.
  • The barrier is closed and out of use between 23:00 and 07:00 in connection with the night's rest. In the event of an emergency during these night hours, you can use the exit barrier by calling the park number. We can operate this barrier remotely.
  • Your card can be blocked:
    1. If you do not drive at walking pace on the park
    2. If you drive your car backwards and forwards unnecessarily on the park
    3. If you park your car on the paths or on empty rental plots

Private swimming pools

  • You are allowed to use a children's pool on your rented pitch (an inflatable pool with a maximum height of 30 cm), provided an adult is present at all times and entirely at your own risk.
  • Placing a children's pool on a public field is not permitted.
  • In the evening and at night and when leaving the camping site the holiday maker shall remove the water from the pool.
  • All swimming pools with a higher edge than 30 cm are prohibited!

Renswoude, 1 October 2021



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